Information about ordering from Eu countries

When ordering from EU countries VAT will be removed, all orders from UK to EU will go through customs procedures. You will pay VAT in destination country during the customs procedure. To remove VAT you need to put special code for destination EU country as PROMO CODE before you finsih your checkout. Bellow is the list of countries and their codes, find your country from list and use coresponding code. 

Belgium(BE), Greece(EL), Lithuania(LT), Portugal(PT), Bulgaria(BG), Spain(ES), Luxembourg(LU), Romania(RO), Czechia(CZ), France(FR), Hungary(HU), Slovenia(SI), Denmark(DK), Croatia(HR), Malta(MT), Slovakia(SK), Germany(DE), Netherlands(NL), Finland(FI), Estonia(EE), Cyprus(CY), Austria(AT), Sweden(SE), Ireland(IE), Latvia(LV) Poland(PL)

Guernsey (GU)

You can enter promo code on checkout page, check picture bellow.

NOTE: Code need to be matched with delivery address that is filled in the order.

For any additional information you can contact us on email